The Brin MRC is located on the fourth floor of the CSIC building (that is, the "Computer Science Instructional Center" Building No. 406). The CSIC Building is located on 8169 Paint Branch Drive, adjacent to the A.V. Williams Building.

How to get to the University of Maryland campus

How to get to the Brin MRC from Campus Drive

Enter through the main gate. Make the first right (North) just after the gate house on to Paint Branch Drive. The Brin MRC is located on the 4th floor of the CSIC Building #406 directly behind the Wind Tunnel. There are three main options for nearby parking:

  • Pay parking spaces are available in the Regents Drive Parking Garage.
  • If the Regents Drive Parking Garage is full, the Xfinity Center Visitor Lot has additional pay-to-park spaces.
  • Additional visitor parking is available further down Route 1 in the Visitor Center Parking Lot.

After parking your vehicle in a numbered space in either lot, proceed to the pay station kiosk to pre-pay. The pay station accepts cash, credit cards and validation codes. Remember to get a receipt.

The CSIC Building

The Brin MRC is located on the 4th floor of the CSIC Building #406.


CSIC Building, front


CSIC Building, side, with the A.V. Williams Building seen behind


Front of the CSIC Building (left) and the Brendan Iribe Center (right)