The Brin MRC

The Brin Mathematics Research Center is a research center that sponsors activity in all areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics. The Brin MRC was funded in 2022 through a generous gift from the Brin Family. The Brin MRC is part of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Activities sponsored by the Brin MRC include long programs, conferences and workshops, special lecture series, and summer schools. The Brin MRC provides ample opportunities for short-term and long-term visitors that are interested in interacting with the faculty at the University of Maryland and in experiencing the metropolitan Washington DC area.

The mission of the Brin MRC is to promote excellence in mathematical sciences. The Brin MRC is home to educational and research activities in all areas of mathematics. The Brin MRC provides opportunities to the global mathematical community to interact with researchers at the University of Maryland. The center allows the University of Maryland to expand and showcase its mathematics and statistics research excellence nationally and internationally.

The Brin MRC is located on the fourth floor of the CSIC building (the "Computer Science Instructional Center" Building No. 406). The CSIC Building is located on 8189 Paint Branch Drive, adjacent to the A.V. Williams Building.